Owners, Mike and Karen

Mike and KarenFrom an early age, Karen was a regular beach lover, having lived close to the beach. Her experiences growing up included regular visits to the beaches along 30A.

I'm from the midwest, so my exposure to the beach was limited to the Atlantic Ocean. After moving to Atlanta and meeting my wife to be, Karen took me to Seacrest Beach, for the introduction of a lifetime. 

In 2006, Karen and I were married at Seaside Beach in the Wedding Pavilion on the beach. From that point we knew we wanted to own a beach home where we would retire.

Cassine Station #201, is our prize possession, our secret getaway and our future retirement destination. Our home is open to you, so you can experience what we experience at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Take a look at the pictures of our home and pictures we have taken over time or the beach sunsets.